Finger knit bracelet


Made a finger knit bracelet with sliding knot…


Loom Knit Blanket

My mom knit a blanket for my daughter using infinity loom. She did basketweave stitch on Bernat blanket yarn Sailors delight. I love the softness and texture of the blanket. Thank you mom for the wonderful gift.

Finger knitting

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I tried finger knitting. It was quick and easy to make kids sized headband and bracelets.

Knitted Baby Accessories


Stitched the sun hat for my daughter based on pattern at It turned out to be very useful on cold but sunny days.

Stitched the mittens based on pattern at It turned out nice, but I didn’t use it on her as it is not yet very cold here.

Stitched the socks based on pattern at just for fun.

Stitched the shoes based on pattern at I probably should have made a button hole and added a button. It is big for her and keeps slipping off her toes.


Knit Baby Set


Knitted these with cotton thread for summer use.

I made the top with slight modifications to pattern available at I had cast on twice the recommended number of stitches by mistake. I noticed that only after I did increase in a row. By now I reached the required chest round, so didn’t do any more increases required by the pattern. I used ribbon to adjust the neck round. This resulted in a puff sleeve. I love the way it looks on my daughter. I think it looks better than the original.

For the shoe, I followed the pattern at Using 2 colours would be prettier. But I think the shoe suits the coat better like this.

For the hairband, I followed the pattern at Since it looked plain I added a flower. For the flower, I followed the pattern at I think I should have kept the two buttons horizontally, so that it looks ok when I extend the headband.

Knitted Baby Set


Stitched the cardigan based on free pattern available at Ravelry site I added two more rows to get the button hole at right distance. This covers the neck better. Also it can be folded like a collar for a change.

For the cap I followed the pattern available at I would recommend using a cast on that stretches better, as I had some trouble getting it on her head. It looks lovely on her though. I plan on converting it into a bonnet once she outgrows it.

For the booties I followed the pattern available at

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