A long term project, made with Rainbow Boucle BrownMustardGrey  yarn. Did the main body with loom knitting and the border with crochet.

Knitted top with crochet jewellery

Knitted a top based on instructions for Small Cable Rib Summer Tank and added a sleeve by watching How to Make a Sweater by cheryl brunette I used 3 balls of red hearts Monet thread. With the balance thread made crochet earing and bracelet.

Knitted Headband

These are my first few knitting projects, which I did based on video tutorials, some time during the winter to keep my ears warm. Thus even with the chilly wind blowing, I could go to the park and enjoy hearing the pine cones speak...    

Infinity scarf using old shale stitch

  This is my first knitting project. Though it was tough initially, it is quite easy to learn. I followed the following steps : Do old shale stitch with one color 10 times ( 40 rows ) . Followed by one repetion of  old shale stitch(4 rows) in a complementary color. Repeat till desired length is... Continue Reading →

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