Crochet lace


Inspired by a program featuring women making Irish crochet items for sale, I tried making lace with thin thread. It took a lot of time to make a few inches. I now understand why those crocheted items cost so much.



Crochet Hat

Crocheted a hat for my daughter, to wear during the trip to New York. I used the pattern available at It is a simple hat that looked beautiful on her. However, she was more interested in removing it than wearing it.

Tea Coaster


Planned to make a tea coaster by weaving some super bulky yarn I had remaining from my previous project. As I could make only a small piece with it, I crocheted around it with 2 strands of yarn. I love how it turned out.

Scrap Yarn Pot Holder


Made a pot holder with scrap yarns. I did single crochet with the red cotton yarn over Bernat Blanket Sailors Delight yarn placed spirally. I ended up with a conical item, probably because I had missed to double the stitches in the second row.  I really didn’t want to redo the entire thing, especially since I had redone it thrice for one reason or other. After pulling out some of the blanket yarn in the centre and placing a saucer on top of it overnight, it looks okay.

I make a commission for purchases made through the following link.

Bernat Blanket Big Ball Yarn, Sailors Delight

Crochet Star Bonnet


Stitched a bonnet for my daughter. She looks very cute with it on. But she has learnt to pull off caps and hats. Hopefully she will use it in spring. I plan to knit one for her if she uses this.

I used star stitch for the bonnet and puff stitch for the flower. For the measurements I used my daughter who showed very little cooperation.

I earn commission for purchases made through the following link

RED HEART E400.1937 With Love  Yarn, Deep Blues

Crochet baby dress



I loved the pattern at so much that I saved it in Pinterest few years back. The site is in Russian. So I used google translate to make it for my daughter, even though she kept me fully occupied. I added a small sleeve, will add the flowers soon.


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