Freeform Crochet Scrumble

Freeform crochet is a style of crochet which doesn't follow patterns or rules. It allows more self expression. Different stitches and yarns may be used together to form scrumbles which are later joined with tapestry needle or crochet needle. It can be used to make coats, shawls, blankets or even art ( sculpture or painting with yarn ). It's a great way to use up scrap yarn...


Crochet Butterfly Coat

Designed a coat for my daughter.Thread used: Laura knitting cotton lkc 1208Crochet needle: US size 4

Crochet Coat Tutorial

Crocheted a coat for my 4yo niece using 5 balls of Laura knitting cotton LKC 1202 and 1 ball of off white. I made it in 2 parts and joined it one row after the arm hole ends...

A Simple and Elegant Frock

My grandma stitched a beautiful frock with materials acquired by my mom. It turned out to be far more difficult to cut than anticipated. But grandma managed to stitch it beautifully with her experience. It turned out to be perfect after adding the decorations.

Crochet Lace

My grandma loves making crochet laces. So I made her a sample lace from an image. Since it curved up a bit, I drew a chart and figured I had missed a few details...

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