Crochet lace


Inspired by a program featuring women making Irish crochet items for sale, I tried making lace with thin thread. It took a lot of time to make a few inches. I now understand why those crocheted items cost so much.



Finger knit bracelet


Made a finger knit bracelet with sliding knot…

Crochet Hat

Crocheted a hat for my daughter, to wear during the trip to New York. I used the pattern available at It is a simple hat that looked beautiful on her. However, she was more interested in removing it than wearing it.

Macrame Mini Wall Hanging


Made a mini wall hanging using double knots and diagonal half hitch knots.

Sumer clothes

Stitched a cool shorts and top for the summer.

Paper flowers


Made lots of flowers for decorating the house on my daughter’s birthday. She enjoyed watching me make those flowers. And she chose how to arrange it.

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