Crochet Star Bonnet

Stitched a bonnet for my daughter. She looks very cute with it on. But she has learnt to pull off caps and hats. Hopefully she will use it in spring. I plan to knit one for her if she uses this. I used star stitch for the bonnet and puff stitch for the flower. For... Continue Reading →


Repurposed t-shirt

I changed my old top into a cute frock for my daughter.

Finger knitting

I tried finger knitting. It was quick and easy to make kids sized headband and bracelets.

Crochet baby dress

  I loved the pattern at so much that I saved it in Pinterest few years back. Recently, when I saw the pin again while browsing through saved pins,I decided to make it for my daughter, even though the site was in Russian. I will add flowers soon.  

Tissue paper flowers

We got lots of different colored tissue papers along with baby's gifts. Mom and I made this beautiful flower with the tissue papers, based on instructions at . I plan to make more of it. For the butterfly I made a v shaped cut and folded at middle vertically to keep it on the flower.

Room decoration

  Added some color to our baby's nursing area with colourful paper and glue 😉  

Pipe cleaner garden

Made these cute flowers with pipe cleaners we got from recycling by following the instructions at  

Baby Set

Mom stitched a beautiful frock with canadian smocking. She also did the crochet shoe based on a pattern at I made the cap by following the instructions at

Knitted Baby Accessories

Stitched the sun hat for my daughter based on pattern at It turned out to be very useful on cold but sunny days. Stitched the mittens based on pattern at It turned out nice, but I didn't use it on her as it is not yet very cold here. Stitched the socks based... Continue Reading →

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