Pencil Drawing of a Squirrel

The Squirrels can be seen on trees in parks and woodlands eating nuts, small insects, tree bark, leaves... or running around and having fun. We often enjoy our evening walks by watching these cute creatures. I drew this with a picture I found in internet as reference.


Baby dresses

Stitched these for our little girl. She looks really cute in these outfits.

Mermaid Cocoon

A fun and quick project made with two strands of blue colored thread and size 8 crochet needle for our baby who is expected to arrive soon. I made the cocoon by following the instructions at The bikini top and headband design were inspired by a pattern available at

Quilled Earrings

Made these earrings a few years back with quilling paper, glue, stones and metal earring back.

Crochet Purse

Crocheted a simple purse based on pattern at

Knit Baby Set

Knitted these with cotton thread for summer use. I made the top with slight modifications to pattern available at For the shoe, I followed the pattern at For the hairband, I followed the pattern at For the flower, I followed the pattern at

Baby blanket

Stitched a star shaped blanket with slight modifications to a free pattern available at using two shades of super bulky yarn. It was a fun and quick project.

Baby dress

I stitched a simple dress based on instructions in : . I added hand embroidery and applique to make the dress brighter.  

Handwork Sarees

My mom often adds embellishments to her sarees and blouses. She sticks stones or kundan, stitches beads,does embroidery and cutwork, draws designs with 3d fabric paint. Once she used broken glass bangles to decorate a saree.  These are some of the works she has done over the years.

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