Handwork Sarees

My mom often adds embellishments to her sarees and blouses. She sticks stones or kundan, stitches beads,does embroidery and cutwork, draws designs with 3d fabric paint. Once she used broken glass bangles to decorate a saree.  These are some of the works she has done over the years.

Crochet Baby Dress

Stitched a summer dress for our baby based on a pattern I saw in Pinterest. Instructions For the Body: 1. Chain stitch till the required width is obtained. Add stitches if required to keep the number of chains a multiple of 4. Join with slip stitch. 2. Chain 5, double crochet in the ninth chain . 3. Repeat 'Chain 2,... Continue Reading →


A fun project involving lots of color and designs. Each row changed the appearance greatly. Some pictures taken during its creation:

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