Crochet Purse


Crocheted a simple purse based on pattern at


Market Tote Bags



Stitched two bags recently to take while going for grocery shopping … The second bag was designed by my husband to be used in 2 sizes.

Loom Knitted Purse



I made this purse with a small rectangular piece I got when I learnt loom knitting. It is very beautiful and simple to make. When I sent a picture of this to my sister, she was very impressed. So I made a bigger one for her :).

I have added images for each step, taken while making the bigger purse. Have fun !! Share your experience or queries as comments.

Step 1. Loom Knit a rectangular piece .


Step 2. Using a crochet needle bind off the beginning and end.



Step 3. Fold the piece so that the 2 crocheted ends meet.



Step 4. Join the purse’s sides using a tapestry needle or a crochet needle.



Step 5. Single crochet over the opening. Also do back post single crochet for a cool knitting like finish.


Step 6. Make a handle and attach it to the sides using a tapestry needle. In the small purse, I had simply used chain stitch as it was for my doll. You may instead use loom knitting or a rope .



Step 7.(Optional) You may attach a flower.

Step 8.(Optional) Give the bag a lining.







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