Macrame Mini Wall Hanging


Made a mini wall hanging using double knots and diagonal half hitch knots.


Paper flowers


Made lots of flowers for decorating the house on my daughter’s birthday. She enjoyed watching me make those flowers. And she chose how to arrange it.

Party Ideas


Preparations for my daughter’s 1st birthday…

Macrame Belt


I made a simple macrame belt for me using diagonal half hitch and square knot. It was a bit difficult for me to make as I didn’t have the right tools or expertise. It looks okay only when it’s stretched. I probably should have used double half hitch instead of the half hitch. Or maybe I should have used macrame chord instead of acrylic yarn. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve it in the comments section…

Woven Flower


I tried weaving using packaging material that came along with pans. It was a perfect loom. After stringing the loom with yellow yarn, I used needle to guide yellow, orange, red, orange and green yarns over and under the warp. Once I reached the desired size, I made knots slightly inside the edge to get the curved edges. And instead of cutting the warp yarn off, I turned it into the pollen for the flower.

Macrame Yarn Holder

20180411_141243Made a pot holder with acrylic yarn to learn basic macrame knots : half knot and square knot. I use it for holding the yarn I intend to use in my next project. I really love the idea of the making something new with yarn and simple knots. Also I could leave it on table without having to worry about it being inadvertently undone by my daughter.

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