Tissue paper flowers

We got lots of different colored tissue papers along with baby's gifts. Mom and I made this beautiful flower with the tissue papers, based on instructions at http://www.rustandsunshine.com/2012/05/tissue-paper-flowers.html . I plan to make more of it. For the butterfly I made a v shaped cut and folded at middle vertically to keep it on the flower.


Room decoration

  Added some color to our baby's nursing area with colourful paper and glue 😉  

Pipe cleaner garden

Made these cute flowers with pipe cleaners we got from recycling by following the instructions at http://onelittleproject.com/pipe-cleaner-daffodils-and-tulips/  

Pencil Drawing of a Squirrel

The Squirrels can be seen on trees in parks and woodlands eating nuts, small insects, tree bark, leaves... or running around and having fun. We often enjoy our evening walks by watching these cute creatures. I drew this with a picture I found in internet as reference.

Quilled Earrings

Made these earrings a few years back with quilling paper, glue, stones and metal earring back.

Christmas Decorations

Had fun making the decorations. Merry Christmas in advance...

Fun with Pastels

Inspired by all the beautiful flowers that blooms in spring.

Greeting cards

I enjoyed making cards for my mom and dad, when I was younger. I have started it again and it feels good...

Art inspired by Spring

  With the start of Spring, the whole place has transformed. Barren trees are once again filled with leaves and flowers. Being in the midst of nature, has filled my mind with ideas of decorating my home with craft flowers and to start a garden.

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