Fire Alarm

ffThe fire alarm goes on shouting “Fire has been detected in building. Please evacuate the building”. This thing keeps howling and the light flashes urging you to get out as quickly as possible. A number of things cross our mind; our parents, our friends, our belongings, where we will stay if the building is destroyed etc. You even forget what you were fighting about the moments before. The reason for fight starts seeming  petty. You grab your essential things and step outside to see all your neighbors, some carrying their kids and pets, some elderly ones, some with fractured leg. And your troubles seem even smaller.  Irrespective of whether we have been in mock fire drills or not, a real fire makes us worried. Staying as calm as possible while climbing down the emergency exit stairs, people cooperate and extend whatever help is possible. While waiting outside the building for instructions, new bonds are formed. And the moment you hear its safe to enter the building, you are grateful for your life and good health. At the same time,  thankful to the people who put out the fire, to the fire department for coming over quickly, to the administration for installing the fire alarm and to God for keeping us safe.

Update: In another fire alarm, where we had to evacuate and move to a neighbouring building, we saw people go beyond their duty to accommodate our baby’s needs.



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